A Pioneer in Design and Production of New and Replacement Parts for the Forest Products Industry

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For more than three decades, Forest Tool Company has been a leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of equipment replacement parts for the timber utilization industry.  In support of this statement, we proudly point out our pioneering role in the design and manufacture of carbide surfacing of tools – a process that greatly improved on the life and durability of replacement parts for debarkers and chippers.  The use of our carbide hard-surfaced parts has not only reduced the maintenance costs of original equipment, but has also improved the performance of such equipment.

One great achievement of Forest Tool is the all-steel debarker head – a head that is engineered to replace the aluminum type head.

In these days of increased costs for equipment and maintenance, we invite you to check with us for the rebuilding or replacement of heads, tools, feed rolls, anvils, shafts or hardware.  Whatever your needs, you’ll be pleased with the superior craftsmanship, service and savings that Forest Tool Company provides.  We guarantee it!